Tantra festival
THE Art of Being
Here and Now 

5th – 9th July, 2017, Hotel Luna – Ledeč and Sázavou, Czech Rep.

Many thanks to Alan Lowen and all the teachers and musicians, special thanks to all the participants for making this magic Art of Being Summer festival possible! The first few photos have been posted on Facebook and you can look forward to more. As promised, we will send a link to all the participants, so that you can have a look at the pictures before making any of them public.

AHA! It’s what we say when we make an uplifting discovery. The most uplifting and transforming discoveries are the ones we make when we awaken to all that IS HERE NOW… AND NOW… AND NOW! And if we learn to live waking up all the time? This is the art of being, the transforming alchemy of love and presence. We can get so busy doing life that we forget our greatest gift, the gift of being! To find and celebrate the magic in ourselves, in each other and in existence, is what The 2017 Art of Being Summer Festival is all about. All the happenings of these 5 days and 4 nights – playful, sensual, exploring, dancing, singing, sharing, intimate, meditating, wild, tender, unpredictable and spontaneous – all serve to inspire the quantum leap into BEING. The alchemy of love and presence is working its magic on us even as we celebrate. The event and workshop guides and the festival musicians bring each their own special magic. Join us! Add your magic to the brew, or let us find it for you if you’ve lost it. Come fly with us, into… AHA! Alan Lowen

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